Trevor Albrecht Chief Bossman Sir

"Word to your motha. Peace, I'm out." ~Vanilla Ice

My Story

Trevor is the fearless leader of TrevNet. When he is bored with coming up with life changing, brilliant ideas, he’s creating superfluous problems to solve in his spare time. He’s got loads of love for anything music, in fact, during his fabulous presentations in the office he supplies his own drum roll.

In May of 2005, Trevor married his best friend, Danielle. Trevor gets his daily workout trying to keep up with his two active (and adorable) sons, Ethan and William. When he’s not inventing his latest recipe in the kitchen, he’s taking care of his vineyard in Saratoga and taking a stab at making wine.


  • Music (drums, piano, singing)
  • Cooking
  • Micromanaging
  • Tour Buses


  • Barney
  • Sound of crayons, pencils, and chalk
  • Burned popcorn
  • Illustrator

Favorite Food


Favorite Color

Blue...can you tell from looking at the designs I do?

Top Skills

  • I'm an idea guy. I can find a solution for most problems.
  • Not thinking before I speak
  • Bringing light to a dark situation
  • Sound engineering
  • Making people laugh
  • Design & Marketing Psychology
  • PHP/MySQL application development
  • Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Coda

Personal Photos