Website Launch: Gagliardi Insurance Services

We’ve rolled out with another one! This website has been designed for a great company who provides a mix of specialty insurance coverage for almost any venue you can imagine. Gagliardi Insurance Services was a lot of fun to work with. They maintained high energy and excellent communication throughout the whole design process. We definitely look forward to working with them in the future.

About Gagliardi Insurance Services

G.I.S. offers a wide range of sports & entertainment insurance products that are available to both clients and brokers. With over 20 years of experience in their industry, they have built insurance programs designed to cater to sports & entertainment organizations complete insurance needs. Their Combative Sports program has also been very successful, having insured countless events across the board. From your local gym wrestling events to the Pay-Per-View televised boxing events in Las Vegas, Gagliardi has been there, and will be there for you, providing the coverages and limits you need.

Development Process

Here is another WordPress powered website we developed. Gagliardi wanted the ability to fully manage their website, its content and navigational structure. They also needed a blog, which they didn’t have with their old website. They needed the ability to add their (PDF) application downloads relevant to each page in the quickest, simplest way possible. The applications are listed in the sidebar as well as on the Apply Now page, which is updated automatically as new applications are updated.

We had a chance to explore some new types of design with this one. We wanted a really big in-your-face interactive home page to show off what Gagliardi does. We came up with a dynamic slider that expanded with the whole page and placed text on top of each slide. The three columns on the home page are actually tabular that expand when you mouse over them. We used the Basic jQuery Slider plugin for the slider and the rest was custom coded.

Gagliardi’s Online Application System

Up until Gagliardi had our team of highly trained monkeys behind them, they had all of their customers print, fill out, and fax back in their application submissions. Needless to say, they came to us for a solution and we were able to get them a fully featured online application system.

You can now sign up and fill out their “Youth Football” application online. The entire process has been digitized. We took their 15 page print out application and converted it into an interactive step-by-step online guide. We had to come up with a system that would allow people to fill out the application in multiple passes. Once an account is registered, the user can login again at any time and resume their online application from where they left off.

Since the applications are so long, we really wanted to hold the hand of the end user while they filled it out. We worked very closely with the team behind Gagliardi to fine tune their online application forms. It was important that their clients found the registration process simple and easy to use.

Throughout the process of filling out the online application, there are dozens of tool tips and hints to help the user along the way. One of the biggest problems with doing a large application like this without the help of an application system is doing the math yourself. This takes time for employees to check, recheck, confirm, and then finally hand off to the client for approval. We wanted to circumvent this whole process by doing the math right in front of the user while they’re filling out the application. As the user moves through each step and fills out the form, the numerical data is calculated on the fly. When the application is completed, a copy is sent to both parties.

Over the next few months, we will be integrating all of their online applications with this new system. We were able to provide Gagliardi with a fully featured administration system to manage all of the submitted applications and interact with them. The success with this system has already been shown as their clients use it and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide such a tool.

Final Thoughts

It’s always nice to build a website and fulfill the vision of our clients down to the last detail. The smooth design process and great communication we had with them only further demonstrates the kind of company they are. We know their new site will provide them many exciting new opportunities with clients and brokers. We’re excited to work with them in the future as their website and online application grows with their company.

Please feel free to share with us your thoughts of the design and leave a comment below.

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