Office Wars

Have you heard that a little competition is healthy? We’ve found that competition is not only healthy at TrevNet, competition has been known to inspire creativity. Since a little competition is healthy, of course we take it to a whole new level. We don’t know how to do anything just partially, so we turn a little healthy competition into “office wars” .  After a good battle, ahem, “healthy competition”, we are infinitely more creative and motivated to get the job done and taking these mental breaks definitely increases productivity just as effectively as our Team Building exercises.

You should try starting a war in your office – who knows, it could inspire greatness!


The Importance of Team Building

We know that it is important to have a strong, unified team. Team building is critical for any business. These experiences develop strong cohesive inter-office bonds that in turn cultivate a deeper respect for each other as a team. This in turn inspires increased productivity in the workplace. We have grown as a team exponentially this year. From decorating Trevor’s office in unity, to team Nerf gun battles, we put the ‘fun’ in fun-ctional. In fact, we are so committed to being a close team that we have taken whole days just to spend time with one another.

See what valuable lessons we learned during our first successful attempt at Team Building:

We learned how to criticize take direction from our co-workers and reflected on our own leadership skills while getting lost overcoming a treacherous maze of mirrors together:

We had a few guests that scared mentored us and gave us their helpful advice for healthy team dynamics:

We learned how to cooperate while ganging up on and pressuring helping Chris face his fear about the unknown and felt accomplished when he buckled under the pressure conquered that fear:

We learned a lesson on how to deal with failure celebrate in the accomplishments of others and learn from our peers when Heather schooled them in did ‘OK’ at a shared challenge :

Finally, we learned to listen and collaborate on ideas while ‘breaking bread’ with one another:

All of these activities helped to create a strong cohesive group which, we can honestly say, contributed to an increase in the overall productivity and success of the organization.

Can’t wait for the next TrevNet Team Building experience =)

We’d love to hear your favorite team building moment!