We’re a team of dynamic, dedicated professionals who’s sole purpose at TrevNet is to ensure our clients succeed by providing exceptional service in a friendly, accessible environment.

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Trevor Albrecht
Chief Bossman Sir & CEO

Trevor is the fearless leader of TrevNet. When he is bored with coming up with life-changing, brilliant ideas, he’s creating superfluous problems to solve in his spare time. He’s got loads of love for anything music, in fact, during his fabulous presentations in the office he supplies his own drum roll (and laughs at his own jokes).

Heather Logan
Director Of Mischief & COO

If there is a moment of silence, you can be sure that Heather will disrupt the peace with her proficient communication. Since she is an accomplished multitasker, naturally she wears multiple hats at TrevNet. Her specialty is putting her authoritarian skills to the test in this male-dominant workplace, whipping them into shape when they get out of hand.

Christopher Erk
Code Ninja & CIO

Chris is the most misunderstood at TrevNet, however this could be attributed to everyone’s inability to communicate with him in his native language of binary. His greatest skill is being able to defy the laws of logic and practice the art of proactive procrastination, which he boasts about while brushing up on his crazy coding ninja skills.