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Many years ago, for some silly reason, we wanted to try to be like most of the other web companies supposedly based in the USA and outsource our design and development overseas. We learned very fast why this was a bad idea. When looking to hire a web design or development company, you should be very careful as well. Keep reading below to learn more.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Outsource Your Website Design & Development Overseas.

Times are changing fast. Physical storefronts are unfortunately becoming obsolete and the remaining locations are being forced to have a much larger online presence with an enhanced user experience and more interactive functionality. So the need to find a company that can reliably support you is greater than ever. You should be ready to find someone that you can build a long-term relationship with. The people you will work with should be the kind of people you’d want to go have drinks with or spend time with outside of work. You can’t run all aspects of your business. That’s where the right company and/or team can really help advance your business.

This brings up why it’s a terrible idea to outsource your design and development overseas. 

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Did you know…

Companies based in countries like India or China hire US-based companies to do their design? They actually call it “American Design” because our standards are much higher.