Fully-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

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Managed Dedicated
Server Hosting

Starting at $150/month

Have you outgrown your shared hosting plan? Not sure what to do next and don’t understand how to manage dedicated website hosting servers? Call us to discuss your needs. We’ll get your site on a server that fits your needs perfectly so you’re not overpaying for resources you don’t need, and still have the ability to grow easily when needed.

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Fully-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans Include:

  •  Setup Your Server
  •  PHP Module Installation
  •  Site Migration
  • DNS Setup/Configuration
  •  HTTP/2 Server Configuration
  •  PHP Version Upgrade
  •  SSL Installation
  •  Email Client Setup
  •  Package Management
  •  WordPress Setup

Security and Backups

  •  Advanced performance analysis
  •  Firewall rule configuration
  •  Server hardening
  •  Database backup script
  • Security audit
  •  Intrusion prevention
  •  Content recovery
  •  Hosting restoration
  •  Email spam review
  •  Malware & blacklist removal
  •  Database only recovery
  •  Setup local backup

Site Optimization

  •  Apache optimization
  •  .htaccess changes
  •  Custom service repair
  •  PHP configuration changes
  •  Disk space audit
  •  Application support
  •  Database management
  •  Search and replace
  • MySQL optimization
  •  Connection string repair
  •  Permissions ownership audit
  •  web.config config