The Importance of Team Building

We know that it is important to have a strong, unified team. Team building is critical for any business. These experiences develop strong cohesive inter-office bonds that in turn cultivate a deeper respect for each other as a team. This in turn inspires increased productivity in the workplace. We have grown as a team exponentially this year. From decorating Trevor’s office in unity, to team Nerf gun battles, we put the ‘fun’ in fun-ctional. In fact, we are so committed to being a close team that we have taken whole days just to spend time with one another.

See what valuable lessons we learned during our first successful attempt at Team Building:

We learned how to criticize take direction from our co-workers and reflected on our own leadership skills while getting lost overcoming a treacherous maze of mirrors together:

We had a few guests that scared mentored us and gave us their helpful advice for healthy team dynamics:

We learned how to cooperate while ganging up on and pressuring helping Chris face his fear about the unknown and felt accomplished when he buckled under the pressure conquered that fear:

We learned a lesson on how to deal with failure celebrate in the accomplishments of others and learn from our peers when Heather schooled them in did ‘OK’ at a shared challenge :

Finally, we learned to listen and collaborate on ideas while ‘breaking bread’ with one another:

All of these activities helped to create a strong cohesive group which, we can honestly say, contributed to an increase in the overall productivity and success of the organization.

Can’t wait for the next TrevNet Team Building experience =)

We’d love to hear your favorite team building moment!

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