Rick Gilbert

Project Summary

Rick grew up in Berkeley in the 50s and 60s, graduated from SF State and Saybrook Institute. After a career in psychology, corporate training manager, president of the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and a long-time Toastmaster, Rick founded the company Powerspeaking in 1985 with the goal of helping business people build their confidence, and their careers.

He has had three books and hundreds of articles published, and captivates his audience with his no-holds barre provocative story telling.

After retiring, Rick came to TrevNet to create a website that would be a space for all things creative. We designed a new site that organizes all his blog and photography content, is easy to navigate, and is the springboard for marketing his new audio book. We’ve created and maintained his social accounts & branding, consulted on general business operations, and managed his online marketing.


Rick Gilbert - Photography

What did their website look before?

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