Spotlight on Clay Harbor

Clay Harbor

At TrevNet Media, we excel in crafting digital platforms that reflect our clients’ personal brands and achievements. Our work with Clay Harbor, a former NFL player, insightful commentator, and inspiring speaker, exemplifies our commitment to simplicity and impactful personal branding.

A Dynamic Online Presence for a Versatile Personality

Clay Harbor is not just an athlete; he’s a multifaceted personality known for his motivational speaking, fitness training, and for the ability to engage an audience during his sports commentary. Our mission was to design a website that encapsulates these diverse aspects of Clay’s career while providing an engaging and user-friendly experience.

A Modern, Sleek, and Simple Design

Clay Harbor

The website we developed for Clay Harbor is modern, sleek and simple, featuring an intuitive layout that highlights his varied pursuits. Whether visitors are looking to learn about his NFL career, watch highlights from his sports commentary, or get inspired by his motivational content, the site offers a simple, yet seamless navigation experience.

Responsive and Engaging

Understanding the importance of accessibility, we ensured that Clay’s website is fully responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience on any device. From desktops to mobile phones, the site’s design adapts fluidly, allowing fans and followers to stay connected with Clay wherever they are.

Sports Media and Speaking Engagements

A significant highlight of the website is the Sports Media page, which serves as a comprehensive media gallery. Here, visitors can find an array of videos, and interviews featuring Clay, offering a deep dive into his sports career and media appearances. This page not only showcases Clay’s professional highlights but also provides a rich multimedia experience for his audience.

Clay Harbor

Additionally, the Speaking page is a crucial feature that allows organizations and event planners to easily get in touch with Clay for speaking engagements. This page is designed to facilitate smooth communication and booking, making it simple for Clay to connect with those who want to benefit from his insights and experiences.

Clay Harbor

Easy Content Management, Ongoing Maintenance

To keep the website fresh and current, we equipped Clay with a user-friendly content management system, allowing him to update his site, add new videos, and share the latest news with ease. Additionally, our ongoing maintenance support ensures he can send content our way for regular updates, letting him focus on what he does best – inspiring others! We swiftly address any issues to keep the website running smoothly at all times.

Showcasing Personal Branding

A significant aspect of our project was to showcase Clay’s personal branding effectively. The website is a true reflection of his personality—energetic, approachable, and inspiring. The design elements, color schemes, and multimedia content all work together to create a cohesive brand image that resonates with his audience.

A Partnership Built on Simplicity and Impact

Our collaboration with Clay Harbor exemplifies the power of simplicity and creativity. By focusing on straightforward yet effective design, we created an online platform that not only highlights his professional achievements but also connects him with his fans on a deeper level. We’re proud to have delivered a solution that combines ease of use with impactful presentation.

Explore our portfolio to learn more about this project, and visit Clay Harbor’s website to see our work in action.

Thank you, Clay Harbor, for trusting us with your digital presence. We look forward to supporting your continued success and seeing all the incredible things you will achieve!