11 Funny and Creative 404 Error Pages That Will Inspire Your Web Design

Star Wars 404 Page

In the ever-evolving world of web design, creativity knows no bounds, and that extends to every nook and cranny of a website—even its error pages. While encountering a 404 page might initially feel like hitting a digital dead-end, some websites transform this potential frustration into a delightful experience. By infusing humor, creativity, and clever design into their 404 pages, these sites not only engage users but also turn mishaps into memorable moments. This blog post will explore eleven of the most creative and inspiring 404 pages, demonstrating that even an error message can be a canvas for innovation and fun.

From playful illustrations to witty messages and interactive elements, these standout 404 pages showcase how design ingenuity can enhance user experience in unexpected ways. Whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration or simply curious about the playful side of web design, these examples prove that a little creativity can go a long way. So, let’s dive in and discover how these websites transform a simple “Page Not Found” into a delightful encounter that keeps users smiling and engaged.

1. Lego

Lego 404 Page

Lego’s 404 page is both creative and amusing with its playful message: “Oh Bricks! We can’t find this page. We’ll try not to lose our head over this, but if we do…we’ll put it back on.” This error page not only aligns with Lego’s brand identity by incorporating their iconic bricks and humor, but it also lightens the frustration of a missing page with a whimsical promise to “put it back on,” creating a memorable and delightful user experience.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite 404 Page

Hootsuite’s 404 page creatively captures a lighthearted tone with the message: “Oh snap! We got lost. Let’s go back home and start this adventure over again.” This page is not only engaging with its conversational language, but it also turns a navigation error into a fun and adventurous journey, inviting users to seamlessly return to the homepage and continue exploring the site.

3. Marvel

Marvel 404 Page

Marvel’s 404 page is both humorous and on-brand with the cheeky message: “$#&%, you broke something! Just kidding…” This playful error page reflects Marvel’s signature blend of humor and boldness, engaging users with a lighthearted joke that fits perfectly with the tone of their popular comics and characters.

4. Dribble

Dribble 404 Page

Dribbble’s interactive 404 page is a brilliant display of creativity, greeting users with “Whoops, that page is gone” while seamlessly integrating a visual treat by showcasing popular designs matching a random color displayed and giving users the ability to change the display color. This clever approach not only maintains user engagement by making their 404 interactive, but also turns an error into an opportunity to highlight the platform’s vibrant design community.

5. Github

Github 404 Page

GitHub’s 404 page creatively engages users with the playful message: “This is not the webpage you are looking for,” a clever nod to the famous Star Wars quote. This touch of pop culture humor not only lightens the disappointment of a missing page but also resonates with GitHub’s tech-savvy audience, making the error experience memorable and enjoyable.


IMDB 404 Page

IMDb’s 404 page creatively repurposes famous movie quotes into witty references to a missing web page. This simple yet clever approach entertains users and aligns perfectly with IMDb’s cinematic theme, transforming a routine error into a delightful, movie-inspired experience.


Pixar 404 Page

Pixar’s 404 page is on-brand and creative, featuring the comforting message: “Awww…Don’t Cry. It’s just a 404 Error! What you’re looking for may have been misplaced in Long Term Memory.” This playful reference to their film “Inside Out” turns an error into a charming moment, perfectly reflecting Pixar’s blend of heartwarming storytelling and humor.

8. Star Wars

Star Wars 404 Page

Star Wars’ 404 page showcases on-brand humor with the message: “This page is not fully armed and operational. Try something else?” This clever reference to the iconic Death Star line adds a touch of galactic wit, making the error experience entertaining for fans and perfectly aligned with the Star Wars universe.

9. Discord

Discord 404 Page

Discord’s interactive 404 page is creatively engaging, greeting users with: “Wrong turn? You look lost, stranger. You know what helps when you’re lost? A piping hot bowl of noodles.” This playful message, coupled with interactive elements offering helpful links, not only entertains but also guides users smoothly, maintaining the platform’s quirky and welcoming community vibe.

10. Joe Biden

Biden 404 Page

Even political candidates are embracing creativity with their 404 pages, as evidenced by Joe Biden’s use of the “Dark Brandon” meme on his. With the message, “You found dark brandon.” This page cleverly turns an internet joke into a fun, on-brand experience that engages supporters and adds a touch of humor to the campaign’s online presence.

11. Donald Trump

Trump 404 Page

To ensure we’re not politically one-sided, we’ve included creative 404 pages from both political candidates. Donald Trump’s 404 page humorously features a gif of Joe Biden with the message, “404 Looks like you made a misstep,” poking fun at his opponent. This playful jab adds a layer of political humor, making the error page both memorable and entertaining.

Think Outside the Box with Funny and Creative 404 Pages

In conclusion, these creative and humorous 404 pages demonstrate that even error messages can be transformed into engaging and memorable experiences. By incorporating humor, pop culture references, and interactive elements, these websites not only soften the frustration of encountering an error but also reinforce their brand identity in a fun and unexpected way. We hope these examples inspire you to think outside the box when designing your own 404 pages.

Have you come across a 404 page that made you laugh or caught your attention? We’d love to hear about it! Share your favorite creative 404 pages in the comments below, and let’s keep the inspiration flowing.