Riverview Systems Redesign

We’re excited to announce the launch of the redesigned website for Riverview Systems Group Inc! Riverview gave us full reign to recreate their site from the ground up and, from our design team’s perspective, that’s a dream come true. It has been an absolute blast working with this company and getting a chance to see their equipment in action. In collaboration, we were able to put together a design that matched both their profession and style. Best part about it, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In a continual effort, we plan to implement new design features and concepts to Riverview’s site on an ongoing basis.

A little bit about Riverview Systems Group

Riverview Systems Group is a leading full-service provider of audio-visual resources. Riverview specializes in the rental, sale, design, installation and implementation of lighting, sound and projection systems for corporate and educational markets. Click the picture below to watch a quick video walk through of their building and warehouse as they’re setting up for their 25 anniversary party.

Feature List:

  • Interactive SlideShow
  • Transparent Header Design
  • Gallery System
  • Non-CMS 100% custom coded
  • Google Maps integrated in the Contact page Header


With Riverview, we know it had to be something special. They’re a hard working creative company, and their website needed to show a nice mix of both creativity and ingenuity. When Riverview puts together a lightshow, set or stage, it really leaves an unforgettable experience. We needed to bring that same experience to their website in showing off what they can do in the most effective way possible.

We were able to create an Interactive Slideshow. From the home page, you’ll see different slides of some of the featured work Riverview has done over the years. If you place your mouse over the slider, you’ll see some boxes show up. These boxes are indications of something more, and sliding your mouse over one of them reveals details of the project you’re currently viewing.

They needed a Gallery to show off the rest of their projects so we developed something very simple to just show off their work. You can cycle through each image on this page. The image thumbnails are automatically generated, so adding new ones are a snap!

One of the most important pages, the contact page. We love being creative with Google Maps and contact pages (note our own). Since the design on Riverviews site has a really nice semi-transparent header, we wanted to use that to our advantage. We used the whole top section of the page for Google Maps (go ahead, interact with it).

Final Thoughts

We’re all very pleased with the results of the website, it leaves a lasting, memorable impression of who Riverview is and what they do. This is only “Stage One”, and we plan on adding to this project in the future as we continue to work with them on improving their online presence. We had a wonderful time creating the website and visiting their place (video above) for the Riverview 25th Anniversary, another successful launch!

Please feel free to share with us your thoughts of the design and leave a comment below.

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