Website Launch: QStar Charters

Hot off the press! We’re thrilled to share QStar Charters‘ new website that we have officially launched today! We know how exciting it can be for a new business to own their first website, and we were honored to be the ones to build it for them.

A Little Bit About The Company

Transportation at its finest! QStar Charters is the newest premier luxury car transportation service in San Diego. Whether you’re traveling for business, formal events, weddings, special occasions, sporting events or concerts (you name it) – QStar Charters will be there to provide you with reliable, attentive, VIP service. QStar also offers several event packages for you to choose from. They strive to have the best in every aspect of the transportation industry.

Design and development

This website was placed in a smaller category of websites we do where the colors are inverted. It’s not often we get to design with a black background and white text. Our designer had a lot of fun creating a design that was dark, but still fresh and bold. This was a simple website where a content management system was not needed. We integrated a custom-coded online reservation  form and google maps dynamic content.

Some Final Thoughts

We’re always happy to design a web presence for new businesses. We hope that they are as pleased with the final product as we are. We are excited for this up and coming business, and expect to hear great things from this company.

Please feel free to share with us your thoughts of the design and leave a comment below.

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