Website Launch: Riverview Systems Group

Riverview Systems Group, Inc. has been a both a valued client and dear friends over the years. We simply can’t express how much fun it has been working with them and bringing their vision of a new website to life. Using 100% custom design and code all done in-house here at TrevNet, we aimed to streamline the same memorable experience that Riverview brings to its clients.

About the Company

Riverview Systems Group is a leading full-service provider of audio-visual resources. Riverview specializes in the rental, sale, design, installation and implementation of lighting, sound and projection systems for corporate and educational markets. Founded in 1987 by theater technology veterans Chris Thorne and Evan Williams with the goal of providing companies with everything they need to successfully produce engaging and innovative events.

Riverview Systems Group, Inc.
Marks 30th Anniversary with a New Web Experience

Riverview Systems Group, Inc., the award-winning, full-service provider of engaging and innovative live events, has re-launched its corporate website. Unveiled in conjunction with the company’s 30th anniversary, the redesigned site boasts a heightened visual approach and renewed focus on the company’s impressive history of event design and production for top brands around the world. Read More

Connect with Riverview Systems Group

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WordPress Under Attack!

If you haven’t heard in the news already, hackers have been laying a massive, global siege on WordPress sites across the Internet. Their main focus is to exploit the default “admin” accounts WordPress sets up for you when you first start out. If these hackers gain access to your site, this could pave their way to potentially take control of your server.Wordpress Hack

Host Gator has run analytical reports and believes around 90,000+ IP addresses have been involved in this dictionary attack. According to TechCrunch, CEO Matthew Prince of CloudFlare, believes these hackers are using 100,000 bots strong for their strikes.

CloudFlare believes these attacks are being conducted using only low powered home PCs but feels these hackers’ intentions are to build a much larger army of botnet servers in order to carry out larger attacks in the future.

Steps to avoid your site from being compromised:

1. Choose a stronger password.

2. There are several WordPress plugins you can install to help ward off these hacks

An email was issued this morning from Mark Maunder, CEO of Wordfence also suggesting to “disabled and deleted all unused themes and plugins”. Read full email below.

Dear WordPress Publisher,

I'm sure you've seen the news reports during the last 72+ hours about a "massive" 
"global" "distributed" brute force attack on WordPress systems. 

Brute force attacks are ongoing, and this is simply an increase in frequency. To 
protect yourself, make sure all default accounts like "admin" have been deleted 
or renamed and that your passwords are very difficult to guess. A brute-force attack
is a relatively unsophisticated attack where one or more remote machines try to 
guess your password. 

The more successful attacks are attacks where a back-door known only to a hacker 
(a zero day vulnerability) is exploited to gain access to your system without 
logging in. The Timthumb vulnerability which I discovered and fixed last year is 
an example of this. I haven't seen any reports of a new "zero day" vulnerability
being exploited in this attack. 

The nature of the attack does suggest that a large portion of the brute force 
attacks currently underway may be originating from an individual or a single group. 
If successful this will result in a single individual or group having access to a 
large distributed network of compromised WordPress servers on relatively high 
bandwidth links. They can then launch further attacks from this platform. However, 
whether the attacks are being orchestrated by one person or one group should not 
affect how you protect yourself. 

In this case:

1. Make sure your "admin" account has been renamed.

2. Make sure all your passwords are difficult to guess.

3. Make sure you've disabled and deleted all unused themes and plugins. 

Don't be alarmed if you see an increased flow of login attempts on your Wordfence 
live traffic screen (The Logins and Logouts panel). As long as your passwords are 
hard to guess and you've removed the "admin" account, you'll most likely be just 
fine. If you're bored, you can manually block each malicious IP address using 
Wordfence, or even block the originating Networks. But I'm not doing this on my 
personal sites because I have strong passwords and no admin account.


Mark Maunder

Wordfence Creator & Feedjit Inc. CEO.

PS: If you aren't already a member you can subscribe to our WordPress Security and 
Product Updates mailing list here. You're welcome to republish this email in part or
in full provided you mention that the source is If you would 
like to get Wordfence for your WordPress website, simply go to your "Plugin" menu, 
click "add new" and search for "wordfence".

Despite this current attack, WordPress is still a leading website platform for several industries. If you need quick guidance as to how to change your username from admin to something new:

To rename your WordPress ‘admin’ user:

  1. Sign in as ‘admin’.
  2. Create a new user using the steps below.
  3. Choose a hard-to-guess username, but don’t make it so difficult that you’ll forget it.
  4. Make that user’s role “administrator”.
  5. Choose a password that has upper and lower-case letters and numbers in it. Symbols are OK too. Never use the word ‘password’ in your password, even if it has a different case and includes numbers.
  6. Click “Add new user”.
  7. Sign out as ‘admin’.
  8. Sign in as the new user.
  9. Delete your old ‘admin’ user and assign all posts/pages/comments to your new admin user.
  10. Congratulations, you now have a more secure WordPress system.
    Instructions provided by Wordfence

If you need further help, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

New Site Launch: Mother’s Bistro

TrevNet Media is excited to announce the launch of a new website for Mother’s Bistro &  Bar! It’s been a real pleasure working with this company and can’t wait to try out their food next time we’re in Portland.



Located in downtown Portland, OR, Mother’s Bistro has a style a in it’s own. Featuring authentic cooking from mothers around the world, signature dishes include pot roast, chicken and dumplings, meat loaf and crab cakes, as well as featured dishes from a different mother each month.

“The best meals of a country aren’t in its restaurants. They’re found in its homes, made with love by mothers cooking for their families. That’s why each month we feature a Mother of the Month (or ‘M.O.M.’), and bring you some of her special dishes prepared in our kitchen.”


In a way, we’re releaved to be done with this project because we’d have to stare at the pictures of tasty food all day! We really love making websites for restaurants because (depending on the type of food) it really gives us a chance to get a little more creatively outside-the-box. The folk at Mothers Bistro & Bar knew what they wanted when they contact us, but it was our job to take that idea and really bring it to life.

This design turned out to be drastically different than something we normally do, and they wanted it all bundled up in an easily maintainable WordPress environment. They really wanted to have the ability to show off their restaurant and the food in a big way, so we made the whole background of the site a photo. We then gave the staff at Mothers Bistro & Bar the ability to change these photo’s whenever they wanted to, and even add more than one (go ahead, refresh the page a few times!).

Another really fun page during the development process was the contact page. We wanted to have Google Maps here to make it easy to find the restaurant, but the challenge was figuring out where to fit it. So, we used the whole background of the site for the maps. You can even interact with the background here, it turned out great!

To top it all off, having the website mobile ready was important to Mothers Bistro & Bar, so we made the whole site a responsive design. This means, every page and it’s content will work on your phone, tablet and any other mobile platform automatically.

Here’s a list of the fun things we did for Mothers Bistro & Bar:

Working with Mothers Bistro & bar to make the website of their dreams was an absolute pleasure. They gave us the freedom we needed and the insight into their style of cooking and serving food to really make this website stand out. We had a lot of fun and look forward to the success of Mothers Bistro & Bar in the future.