New Site Launch: Mother’s Bistro

TrevNet Media is excited to announce the launch of a new website for Mother’s Bistro &  Bar! It’s been a real pleasure working with this company and can’t wait to try out their food next time we’re in Portland.


Located in downtown Portland, OR, Mother’s Bistro has a style a in it’s own. Featuring authentic cooking from mothers around the world, signature dishes include pot roast, chicken and dumplings, meat loaf and crab cakes, as well as featured dishes from a different mother each month.

“The best meals of a country aren’t in its restaurants. They’re found in its homes, made with love by mothers cooking for their families. That’s why each month we feature a Mother of the Month (or ‘M.O.M.’), and bring you some of her special dishes prepared in our kitchen.”


In a way, we’re releaved to be done with this project because we’d have to stare at the pictures of tasty food all day! We really love making websites for restaurants because (depending on the type of food) it really gives us a chance to get a little more creatively outside-the-box. The folk at Mothers Bistro & Bar knew what they wanted when they contact us, but it was our job to take that idea and really bring it to life.

This design turned out to be drastically different than something we normally do, and they wanted it all bundled up in an easily maintainable WordPress environment. They really wanted to have the ability to show off their restaurant and the food in a big way, so we made the whole background of the site a photo. We then gave the staff at Mothers Bistro & Bar the ability to change these photo’s whenever they wanted to, and even add more than one (go ahead, refresh the page a few times!).

Another really fun page during the development process was the contact page. We wanted to have Google Maps here to make it easy to find the restaurant, but the challenge was figuring out where to fit it. So, we used the whole background of the site for the maps. You can even interact with the background here, it turned out great!

To top it all off, having the website mobile ready was important to Mothers Bistro & Bar, so we made the whole site a responsive design. This means, every page and it’s content will work on your phone, tablet and any other mobile platform automatically.

Here’s a list of the fun things we did for Mothers Bistro & Bar:

Working with Mothers Bistro & bar to make the website of their dreams was an absolute pleasure. They gave us the freedom we needed and the insight into their style of cooking and serving food to really make this website stand out. We had a lot of fun and look forward to the success of Mothers Bistro & Bar in the future.

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