iPhone SMS Security Risk

If you receive any text messages from your contact list asking for any personal information, be wary, it may not be who you think it is. Apple is issuing a warning to all users of fake text messages via SMS.

A famous iPhone hacker who goes by the name of Pod2g has discovered a loophole in all of the versions of Apple’s iPhone software, including the beta version of iOS 6, which allows someone to swipe personal information via text message.

In his blog, Pod2g explains how he discovered this error within the text payload, a section called UDH (User Data Header). Simply put, all a person has to do is change what phone number the text appears to be coming from. That way, when you receive a text from, say your bank, asking you for verification or personal info, your response then gets rerouted to a hacker’s number instead.

Pod2g writes he’s pretty confident that other security researchers already know about this loophole, and fearfully some pirates as well and implores “Apple: please fix before the final release.” What he’s talking about is the release of version iOS 6 (the newest iPhone operating system expected to be out this fall).

Let’s just hope Apple makes this issue a priority and handles it before it becomes a real problem.

Have any of you received any out-of-the-ordinary SMS messages on your iPhone? Feel free to let us know your thoughts and leave a comment.


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