New Website Launch! Congrats Quantum Secure Inc.

TrevNet Media would like to extend congratulations to Quantum Secure Inc. and the launching of their redesigned website! It’s been a pleasure working with this company and a lot of fun designing a new site with their team.

A little bit about Quantum Secure Inc

Based out of San Jose, CA, this company has exploded on the scene with their innovative and unparalleled physical identity and access management software. Their software suite can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of vertical industries in Energy, Government, Airports, Healthcare, High Technology, and many others.

Quantum’s impressive portfolio contains such companies as Oracle, Adobe, AT&T, VISA, San Francisco International Airport, the Empire State Building (just to name a few) and, it will come as no surprise when you hear more and more about this company in the near future.

In the development of Quantum Secure Inc.

The team at TrevNet has spent an extensive amount of time working with and developing complex WordPress themes and plugins, but occasionally we get a challenge that requires us to think way outside the box. From a development standpoint, our goal when developing a WordPress site like one for QuantumSecure, is to provide the most flexibility possible in allowing our client to edit every aspect of their website without knowing too much technical mumbo-jumbo. The tricky part is to accomplish this goal as efficiently as possible, so it’s easy to use and changes can be done quickly when needed.

Here’s just a few of the fun features we added:

  • Large Sub Menu system
  • Tabular Product Page
  • Custom download buttons and short tags
  • Custom home page slider
  • 3 Separate blog archive pages
  • Dynamic Content Driven footer

QuantumSecure was a successful launch with a fantastic new website. It was a completely custom design from the ground up to allow them to show their target audience every aspect of their product in the most effective way possible. Mission accomplished!

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