New Website Redesign:

We’re excited to announce the new redesign for! We really enjoyed working with Kim Shand throughout this project. With her feedback, we were able to design a concept that matched both her personality and profession.

A little bit about Rethink Yoga

Kim Shand is a nationally-renowned yoga expert and on-air personality who has helped tens of thousands of people “rethink-yoga”.

With a background in dance and aerobics, plus the knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and organic health of the body, she’s able to inspire people to take control of their health, how they think and how they age, through yoga. Kim is also working on two new books: “What’s Holding You Back?” and “Strong Women Think Different.”

Making this all possible

Here’s just a few of the fun features we added:

  • Media management (magazine, video and gallery)
  • Interactive Blog with “Recent Posts” sidebar
  • ECommerce store with Paypal integration
  • Image slider with thumbnails
  • Newsletter modal

RethinkYoga needed a way to show off what they stand for in a creative way. From a development perspective it is always a challenge when working with a white on black design (where the background is a dark color, and the text is white). We really needed to maintain that readability throughout the site even through the colors are flipped, and we’re very happy with the results. One of the main ideas we focused on is the ability for the website to grow as the company grows; she needed the flexibility of adding new content easily.

Kim wanted the ability to add media content, galleries and videos easily. This is something we were able to make possible using WordPress as well as a flexible design. On top of the amount of video and media content we added, she also needed the ability to sell some merchandise. We had to turn a section of her site into an ECommerce platform, which was integrated with Paypal so she could easily manage her sales.

Working with Kim Shand was truly a delight and bringing her new website to life was a success! We expect great things to happen with Kim and RethinkYoga’s future and we’re happy to be part of it.

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