Are You Afraid Of Being Ripped Off By Website Designers

The following is a survey Sandra Angelo of (a TrevNet Media client) completed about her experience with us.
Question 1: Based on the above, what do you have to offer? Give me a
brief pitch below.
Answer: 3 years ago streaming video was not common and the cost of compression was astronomical. I had to pay $4,800 to convert 18 DVDS to streamed content.Now you can do that yourself simply by uploading to YouTUBE or Vimeo. But in those days you had to get professional help.

It was in that environment that I tried to find someone to create a website that would serve up online video courses.

I went through $26,000 and 4 designers before I found one who actually made the thing work and met the scheduled deadlines.

Unfortunately they charged me $500 per month simply to stream content and trying to get them to help or update was a nightmare. Still I was very afraid to change because of the three prior nightmares I had with the other designers.

Then SUPERMan arrived.

A friend referred me to her designer who was:

  1. Reasonably priced
  2. Conscientious
  3. Honest
  4. Went beyond the call of duty
  5. Is responsive to any requests for help
  6. Did an amazing job designing my site
  7. Set it up very quickly
  8. Made it so that I maintain it all by myself very easily
  9. Is pleasant and gracious
  10. Only charges me $49.95 per month (as opposed to the $500 I was paying) For obvious reasons, I call him SUPERMan!
Question 2: What field do you specialize in?
Answer: I help people master art in days instead of decades. We provide daily 30 minute lessons in Home Study Courses with workbooks and DVDS.
Question 3: If applicable, which company did you deal with (company name
will NOT be published)?
Answer: Don’t remember the first three but the fourth was SUPERMan’s company is called
Question 4: Did you find another designer or did you do it yourself?
Answer: I found an amazing web guy. Talented in both tech and design… a rare combo.
Question 5: Additional info….
Answer: Feel free to email with questions:

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